Five Reasons to Visit Tenerife

Tenerife is a massively popular holiday destination with both families and couples alike. Offering the perfect holiday experience with easy access, holidays here, particularly all inclusive holidays to Tenerife have grown massively in popularity.

If you’re wondering why, here are five reasons why you should visit Tenerife.

1.   Scenery

Set into volcanic scenery, no one can deny that Tenerife is absolutely stunning. The dormant Mount Teide provides an unforgettable sunbathing experience and with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the volcano by following routes set out by the national park, the scenery in Tenerife is really something nowhere else can match while still providing the perfect summer climate.

This beautiful island offers such a unique coastline, attracting many tourists purely to marvel at the beauty and diversity of nature; something you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.

2.   Nightlife

Tenerife offers a large nightclub resort – Playa de las Americas – perfect for those looking for a vibrant and busy nightlife while they’re abroad. This is cheap and affordable meaning that you can party the night away and then sleep off your hangover while sunbathing on the beach – there’s no better cure.

3.   Weather Conditions

One of the major pull factors towards going to Tenerife on holiday has to be the weather. Warm and hot all year round with little rainfall, the number of daily sunshine hours rapidly increases as it approaches peak holiday season (around May) meaning that anyone looking for a guarantee of perfect weather on their holiday should definitely try Tenerife.

4.   Culture and History

With historic streets and medieval towns, Tenerife’s historical sites are sure to fascinate even the biggest history hater. Giving you plenty to explore while also providing a diverse and rich culture, there is sure to be something for everyone in Tenerife.

The rich culture and history in Tenerife has even been recognised with the village La Laguna being classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – definitely somewhere you want to visit if you’re interested in learning about another culture.

5.   Kind To The Bank Balance

Given how amazing Tenerife sounds, you’d expect it to be massively expensive but this isn’t the case. It is still part of the euro zone meaning that prices here are affordable; perfect if you’re looking for that cheap family getaway during school summer holidays!

Tenerife as a holiday destination is massively diverse. Whether you’re a wild party animal, fascinated by history or simply want to relax on a beach, Tenerife will offer this to you. This perfect family holiday destination is loved by many, so why not take your first trip to Tenerife now; you’re guaranteed to want to return year after year!

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