London in a Day

You only have a quick stopover in London and then it’s off to your next destination. Wow, you ask how can I do this? Well first of all you should plan more than a day in London but secondly yes you can do this.

The sites and sounds of London in 24 hours is best achieved by forgetting the rental car and using the tourist double decked bus. Oh my what a way to go. These are inexpensive and you have a 24 hour pass for less than $10 American. Just stop at any of the kiosk’s which are around London’s central area and purchase a pass. They come by every ten minutes or so and drive past all the key area’s you would want to see in a one day trip to the capitol of England.

For instance you can get the bus in Trafalgar Square, ride on top or inside if the weather isn’t great, and get off at any stop. You can ride through Piccadilly Circus, to the London Museum, a couple of different palaces (wave at her Majesty if the flag is raised showing she is in residence) and on to the next place you want to see.

The nice thing is again; you can get off and on at your leisure. Use it just as you would a taxi except you have it for 24 hours and you only pay once. Even it were more than $10 (and you can expect fare increases anytime during these economic times) it would still be a bargain.

Here is a suggestion, depending on which time of day you arrive and when you leave. Plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea time around your bus travels. For instance, take the bus to Piccadilly and get off to have breakfast. There are quite a few places to eat there and whether you want fast American food or something more traditionally English, just go have it. Relax after breakfast and walk around. We suggest eating outside if the weather is nice so you can “people watch.” Piccadilly is great for people watching which is why it’s called Piccadilly Circus we suppose. Not really but it sounds good.

Then when your are finished there hop on the bus again and head toward Trafalgar. Once there get off again and hit one of the museums within walking distance. Spend some time enjoying some of the great works and have a snack along the way.

Plan to take a lunch break but only when you see something inviting. Don’t plan ahead unless you are searching for one special place. Ride past Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park on your way to Soho followed by the British Museum. You will surely make at least one crossing of the Thames. By now your day is almost complete but don’t shut it down because you must have dinner. Here is where you might want to plan.

Some of the best Indian food in the world is in London. Many Indians will tell you it’s better than in Delhi. Since there are so many Indian restaurants in the city you should attempt to go to one. Pick one as they are all over the place. Get off the bus, have dinner, relax and walk off the food and then return to the bus back to your hotel. You have done London in a day and it didn’t cost you much at all.

More and more cities are taking the London approach. They can’t quite match the price or the organization just yet but they are trying. In London it is the only way to go especially if you have limited time and/or funds.

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