Planning Your Holiday In Turkey

Turkey is often described as the gateway between the Middle East and Europe, and this gem on the cusp of two continents is very popular with tourists. Turkey holidays are especially popular with British tourists because of the warm climate and Istanbul nightlife. Unlike other middle-eastern countries, Turkey is not a dry country, so there are many bars that will keep you entertained for the night if your accommodation resort does not provide a set entertainment plan.

An all-inclusive holiday to the coastal regions is certainly a relaxing way to spend your time. The lavish beaches and shimmering seas make Turkey a beautiful destination to visit. The natural and man-made lakes throughout the vast country provide excellent outdoor swimming and sunbathing locations.

Turkey is also known for its great city locations of Istanbul and the capital Ankara. You can find many attractions and restaurants that specialise in exotic Halal meats in these vibrant European cities, especially many Lamb dishes that are considered to be great delicacies. Turkey is the origin of the lamb kebab that is so well known and liked in this country. However, you can look forward to much more exotic parts of the meat being served in these cities than we are perhaps used to in Britain.

After lunch, there are many wonderful sights to see around town. If you are interested in history, there are many historical sites to visit in Istanbul alone. Since Turkey has been influenced by manycivilizations over the ages, there are many ancient monuments to visit, including Greek and Roman ruins. There is even the remarkably preserved Byzantine Hippodrome and the Great Palace of Constantinople. Many Australians like to visit Turkey for the unique perspective and amazing combination of cultures. You can find cheap hotels in Istanbul on Expedia, many of which are located close to historical sites.

If you want to visit something less ancient, then don’t miss the picture-perfect Blue Mosque. This monument really stands out from the crowd with its six minarets, cascading domes and blue-tiled interior, and the impressive Topkapi Palace, which has a superb position overlooking the Bosphorus. You can also find museums and galleries that depict the history and culture of Turkey.

If you are not as interested in the historical attractions and are more easily swayed by shopping treats, there are many markets and bazaars that will take your interest. Turkey is renowned for fine gold jewellery and every shop owner is more than willing to barter for every sale. Some terrific bargains on items such as fine gold, fragrances and knitwear are all available….at the right price.

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