The Appeal of Clutch Bags

On a night out, the last thing you need is to be weighed down by a bag. Countless are the nights that I have gone out dressed to the nines, feeling great, only to be hindered by an oversized bag that stopped me from dancing.


How many times, I wonder, have I been prevented from enjoying an evening out, due to the fact I was carrying a bag full of stuff I didn’t really need to bring!


Thankfully, I no longer have this problem, as I have discovered a nifty little trick that is the secret to enjoying yourself at social events – wearing a clutch bag.


Small, light and easy to carry, the clutch bag is the last word in accessories this season. A large purse with a strap handle, the clutch bag is held by the wearer and secured with the strap, so there is no need to worry about losing it. A practical choice as well as a stylish one, the clutch bag has plenty of room inside to house all those evening essentials – lip-gloss, cash, phone and keys.


The clutch bag comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. It works well with this season’s ethnic, monochrome, lace and metallic trends and can be chosen to match the outfit you are wearing. For the demure, choose a pretty bow-adorned clutch. For the wild at heart, choose an edgy, clear Perspex, hard-box bag. Alternatively, to save money, why not invest in a simple, understated clutch bag you can team up any outfit with?


So many bags, so little time. Should I opt for a nude colour, a floral pattern, a snake print design or a sparkly clutch bag? By looking online I can specifically match bags to clothes. Such fun!


Another great thing about the clutch bag is that they last a long time, if you only wear them out at night. Unlike tote or shoulder bags, clutch bags make a statement and as such look best when you’re out in the evening. No longer will I fall into the trap of lugging all my paperwork to after work drinks. Those files can stay in the office – I’m taking my clutch bag!


Now my nights out are super stylish affairs. The only thing I worry about is whether I have enough change left for the taxi fare home. Armed with a fabulous clutch bag, I can look on trend and boogie the night away without fear of bumping into a stranger. With countless options to choose from, I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to matching the clutch bag to my outfit.


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