Top 7 European River Cruises

MS Casanova / Peter Deilmann Reederei  / Docked at Amsterdam

European river cruises journey to many countries throughout the area. Travel down the Rhine and visit multiple countries or reserve a romantic cruise in Italy along the Po.

Rhine River

This important European river spans 766 miles from the Swiss Alps to the coast of the Netherlands. The many countries the Rhine travels through include Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Vessels offering cruises provide amenities comparable to four and five-star hotels. Enjoy the magnificent scenery while making stops to explore medieval fairytale like castles in Germany and the party atmosphere of Amsterdam.

Danube River

This river in Central Europe begins in the German community of Donaueschingen and flows 1,785 miles where it empties into the Black Sea. Highlights of this river cruise include a stop in Nuremberg for a tour of the Imperial Castle. Visit the world famous opera house in Vienna and sail through the Iron Gates, the scenic gorge that passes through the Balkan and Carpathian Mountains.

Dnieper River

This 1,420-mile long river runs from Russia to the Black Sea. Regular stops along the way include the historic city of Kiev where guests may tour the Monastery of Caves. Construction on this complex of churches began in the 11th century. Sail on to Zaporozhye, the home of the famous Cossacks and witness spectacular displays of equestrian skill. Bakhchisarai features the medieval Tatar settlement and the 16th century Khan Palace.

Rhone River

This famous European river flows from Switzerland through southeastern France. Stroll through the Gallo-Roman ruins and tour the Papal Palace in Avignon. Enjoy exquisite French cuisine then stop to see the Fourviere Hill, Place des Terraux and the St. Pierre Palace. Sailing on to Vienne, passengers have the opportunity of visiting the Roman Theater and climb one of the city’s perimeter hills for photographic views over the river valley.

Guadalquivir River

This river originates in the Cazorla Mountains and flows down to the Bonanza fishing village. Some cruises begin in the famous Spain city of Seville where visitors stroll through the Alcazar Palace, the Andalusian gardens and the Maria Luisa Park. Vessels sail on to the Rock of Gibraltar. Enjoy the Moroccan coast and stop to explore the Saint Michael’s Cave system. Stops also include the historic city of Faro, Portugal, which grew after the 1249 Christian conquest.

Douro River

This little known river meanders across the central regions of Spain and Portugal. Starting in Lisbon, passengers hike impressive hills and relax in a local jazz club while enjoying an espresso. The vessel sails on toward Porto, the home of the country’s port wine. Stop at Solar de Mateus and tour a medieval castle along with the Gothic Lamego Cathedral. Cruises might also dock at Salamanca, Spain, which serves as home to one of the oldest universities on the planet.

Po River

This 424-mile river passes some of the most famous Italian cities. Begin a cruise in Venice after indulging in a gondola ride through the picturesque canals. Visit St. Mark’s Basilica and have a meal at a local café.
The island of Murano provides the chance to tour a glass blowing factory. Explore the city of Parma, the home of Parmesan cheese and see centuries of artwork or take in an opera.


photo by: bill barber
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