Ways to travel for a UK holiday

There are many great holidays that can be had in the British Isles. From trips to the seaside, visits to the lakes and even the mountains of the Pennines or Snowdonia, couples groups and families alike can experience many different kinds of holiday.

However, for some, having to use their own car is an all too familiar experience that takes away from the fun of getting away from normality. Fortunately there are plenty of different ways to travel to the various destinations on offer in the UK.


Purchasing a motorhome can have plenty of financial benefits down the years. There is an initial outlay of course, as well as motorhome insurance to consider, but you will not have to pay hefty hotel bills and nor will you have to save up for months to book a holiday in the first place. You can just decide to go away one day and be off the next!

Motorhome sites are frequent throughout the country and they usually provide a lot of space. That’s in addition to the space you have inside the thing; picking the right motorhome is important as you will be living in it for many weeks in your lifetime.

Coach trip

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but a coach trip offers a direct route to most everywhere in the country from most everywhere else. Not only are coach trips available to those on a tight budget, you also do not have the stress of driving yourself to the destination. Getting there is up to the driver and you need only worry about enjoying yourself. Once you get wherever it is you fancy, the only concern you need to have is making sure you get in the coach home.

Rent a car

It might be quite similar to driving your own car, but if the one that belongs to you is a bit of a rust bucket, driving a shiny rental car can be a pleasant experience. If you fancy, you can even opt for one of the premium family cars for a luxurious journey to your destination of choice. Unfortunately, however, you must return it at the end of your holiday.

National flights

Sometimes a long drive from one end of the country to the other, or the crossing of toll bridges late at night can make it easier to get on a plane and leave the UK. The option of flying, however, is open also to other parts of Britain. A short hour-long flight makes that holiday in Dublin or Edinburgh far more appealing than driving there.

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